Mewett Polyurethane Ltd, Flexible, Rigid, Structural Polyurethane Foam Product Manufacturers and Moulding Specialists

To create the finest flexible, structural and rigid polyurethane foam products, work with the experts. Mewett are polyurethane foam product manufacturers who use the magic of the moulding process to give you the results you need.

Flexible, rigid and structural polyurethane foam products are smart and versatile materials, available in a wide range of densities, strengths and colours. It can take on many roles, either as a product in its own right, or as part of a more complex assembly.

With years of experience in foam moulding, we handle small- and large-scale production in our modern Kent factory. For wholesale distributors, we also make a range of superb polyurethane hand tools for the construction industry.

Our specialist custom-moulding team works across all market sectors. So if you need moulded foam components or entire items, for a national or global market, talk to us first. Together, we can mould the future...

When you work with Mewett Polyurethane Foam...

...specialist advice and consultancy is built-in, right from the start. Our expertise ranges from technical advice to full product development. You'll have the very best help and support, from first discussion to finishing and final delivery. We'd love to hear your ideas, so visit our project page!

We're researching biodegradable foam...

...and other new systems, so you can offer your customers the most environmentally-friendly flexible, structural and rigid polyurethane foam products and components.

Today, your customers and end-users want to know more about products and their effect on the planet. Being eco-aware is socially responsible – and makes good business sense.

So we invest in research and development, to ensure our systems and materials have the least possible impact on the environment. Contact us for more information.