Polyurethane Services


We have an in-house wealth of knowledge in all aspects of polyurethane product design, development and manufacture from prototype, CNC milling, polyurethane foam moulded prototypes through to mass manufacture.

Our design office will be happy to offer you expertise in the design and development of your polyurethane component or product, large or small.

With our breadth of knowledge in materials and manufacturing processes, involving us in the early stages of any project development can save a lot of time and headaches further down the line.


Prototyping is an essential stage in the development of any new project. Whilst many designs work on paper and in minds, an accurate three dimensional model is an invaluable tool to help with early evaluation.
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Pattern making

Pattern and mould making for polyurethane foam products carries a significantly lower cost than tooling for injection moulding and other similar processes. The lead-time is also typically much shorter.
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Our large manufacturing plant in North Kent is well equipped for polyurethane moulding of just about any sized component in any volume.
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