Polyurethane Hand Tools.
Plasterers Tools, Plastering Floats & Hawks

Mewett hand tools are specially designed for the building and construction sector. They are outstanding: comfortable to use, hard-wearing and reliable.

Our research and development programme in plastics, rubber and polyurethane foam ensures we are leaders in our field. And our substantial investment in machinery and processes means we can keep our unit prices low. We offer consistent quality and deliver on time.

Mewett Polyurethane Ltd has been supplying a range of superb hand-tools to the construction industry since 1980. A family-run company with a dedicated workforce, we offer a unique service to our wholesale customers. See our product range below or Contact us for more details.

1. Plasterers’ Floats Available in various sizes 
For plastering walls with sand and cement or carlite. Also for laying floor screeds, paths and
drives. Manufactured in strong, light, warp-resistant polyurethane.

Sizes: 360mm x 200mm | 350mm x 150mm | 280mm x 140mm | 280mm x 110mm

2. Sponge-Faced Floats
For mechanical plastering or sand and cement finishing. Strong, light, warp-resistant polyurethane
base, with a choice of coarse or fine sponge pad.

Size: 295mm x 115mm

3. Plasterers’ Hawk
For the application of wall plastering – use in conjunction with Mewett plasterers’ floats.
Manufactured in strong, light, warp-resistant polyurethane.

Size: 330mm x 330mm

4. Decorators’ Hawk
For the professional and DIY decorator – the ideal tool for offering filler to cracks in plaster and
woodwork. Made in strong, light, warp-resistant polyurethane.

Size: 150mm x 150mm

5. Internal Angle Trowel 
For plastering walls with sand and cement or carlite; will produce accurate 95° angles. Made in
strong, light, warp-resistant polyurethane.

Size: 165mm

6. Tile Grouter Unique product!
Specialist Mewett tool designed for quick, easy and clean application of tile grout. The product of
lengthy research and testing, this unique tool also makes grouting material go further! Rubber
pad mounted on rigid polyurethane base.

Sizes: 210mm x 110mm | 380 x 110mm

7. DIY Texturing Brush
An inexpensive way for the amateur decorator to obtain a professional finish. High-quality
rubber bristle pad with light ABS plastic handle.

Size: 150mm x 150mm

8. Professional Texturing Brushes
Heavy-duty brushes for creating a wide range of textured finishes. High-quality moulded rubber
bristle pad on rigid polyurethane base.

Sizes: 150mm x 100mm | 200mm x 150mm

9. Large Professional Texturing Brush
Specifically designed to be used from ground level, this brush also allows speedy coverage of
large areas. High-quality moulded rubber bristle pad on rigid polyurethane base, with rubber
handle insert.

Size: 330mm x 330mm

10. Mixing Head
This tool is designed for fast, efficient hand-mixing of emulsion, plastic compounds and plasters. Manufactured in polypropylene.

Size: 130mm diameter

11. Brick Hod
For carrying bricks, plaster, sand and cement. Manufactured in strong, lightweight polypropylene.

Size: 415mm x 290mm

12. Lead Dressing Tool
Designed for laying and forming of sheet materials such as lead, copper and zinc. Rounded
corners to avoid damage and denting; offset handle allows plenty of room for knuckles.
Manufactured from rigid, high-density polyurethane foam.

Sizes: 50mm | 55mm | 60mm

13. Caulkers
For taping and caulking plasterboard joints and other surfaces, prior to texture application.
Strong plastic blade, over-moulded with a rigid polyurethane handle.

Sizes: 200mm | 250mm | 300mm

14. Heavy-Duty Knee-Pads
Durable foam pads designed for maximum knee protection and comfort during extended use.
With adjustable neoprene straps.

One size fits all

15. JOINTING SPONGE (Slurry Sponge)
Strong, light, warp resistant rigid Polyurethane base with sponge pad.
Circular foam sponge, which is used at all stages of Jointing and dry lining.

Size: 190mm Diameter approx